CanGames: Developer Blog #6

It’s been a while! Things have been busy for the DWG crew and we apologize for the late dev blog. Lead Designer Patrick is currently working on an archaeological dig in the country of Georgia and Lead Designer Daniel K recently started a new job producing educational content for a Toronto-based museum!

We’re now just over a week removed from CanGames 2018, and it’s time to reflect on that experience. To put it short, CanGames was amazing. The convention had the same vibe as Gen Con I back in 1968. While not held in a horticultural hall in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, CanGames is hosted in a modest curling club in Ottawa, Ontario. Miniature wargaming was HUGE at the convention, with at least 3-4 massive terrain tables going simultaneously. Daniel found it so inspiring that he went out and bought an introductory Battle of El Alamein box for the WWII tank game, Flames of War. Perhaps you’ll see us streaming a game once Daniel has all of the miniatures built. Maybe we’ll even stream their construction! Stay tuned at!


Daniel K ran two successful playtests and left with a lot of positive feedback towards both the roleplay mechanics and the combat. The morale system we wrote worked perfectly. Players encouraged each other to role play, helped each other in-game, and challenged themselves with seemingly impossible objectives. These playtests also featured players using the Sergeant and Corporal playbooks giving orders and coming up with objectives of their own for the section. It was so encouraging to see that the game was well received by military veterans, RPG fans, and historians alike!


Here’s to future playtests and more RPG friends!

Daniel K.

Lead Designer and Co-Founder, Dundas West Games


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