Dundas West Games is a Toronto-based Tabletop Gaming company founded by Daniel Kwan, Patrick Keenan, and Daniel Groh in 2016. Dundas West games strives to create tabletop RPGs that are engaging, educational, and can be used in a classroom setting. The founders of DWG have over two decades of combined experience using roleplaying games as an educational tool in museum classrooms. Dundas West Games hopes to create games that help curious gamers uncover things about the world around them, and the world of the past! Dundas West Games also offers a “GM for hire” service, where we strive to provide an educational gaming experience in any setting, from a classroom to your home.



Daniel is an archaeologist and educator working in Toronto. He has over a decade of experience using tabletop role-playing games in museums to teach teens history, science, and social skills. Daniel is also the co-founder of Level Up Gaming – an organization that helps adults with autism and other disabilities develop their social skills through tabletop gaming.



Patrick is currently a student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Archaeology and History at the University of Toronto. In addition, he has several years of experience using tabletop RPGs as an educational tool for teenage audiences. Patrick is also passionate about music education and is currently a trombonist with the Hart House Symphonic Band.


Business Manager

Daniel is a graduate of Ryerson University with a BComm from the Ted Rogers School of Management with a focus on Information Technology Management. His work as an IT Project Coordinator has given him experience in the areas of business process redesign, network security structuring, change management modeling, project management, and industry analysis.